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We get it. Some of these items are often overlooked or not even brought up. But, they are really important when booking us or any company for that matter. 
1 - We are fully insured. Most facilities won't let us in the door without proof. We send it over five days prior.
2 - ALWAYS on time. One of our biggest pet peeves, are professionals who can't show up early enough to prepare. We always do and have a scheduling meeting about your event five days prior. 
3 - Our DJs and MCs are really experienced. We don't just say that. We back it up. We don't let beginners go out in the field without training. Rest assured your staff will be properly dressed, mature and experienced in delivering all your expectations.
4. Pro sound & lighting. We like quality gear and lots of it, that’s why all of our equipment is the best money can buy. High end sound systems that can shake walls loose, insane lighting shows that rival the clubs and video screens bigger than a house. Need we say more?

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